Assalamu Alykum-May Peace and Mercy of Almighty Allah be on all of you !

Assalamu Alykum-May Peace and Mercy of Almighty Allah be on all of you !

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He(Allah) gives wisdom unto whom He(Allah) will,and he(Human Being) unto whom wisdom is given,he(man) truly hath received abundant good [Al-Quran; Al-Bakara, 2:269]

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
I Begin In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious And The Most Merciful

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Pearl in Hijab !

A Woman in Hijab is:
Dignified, Not Dishonored..
Noble, Not Degraded..
Liberated, Not Subjugated..
Purified, Not Sullied..
Independent, Not Slave..
Protected, Not Exposed..
Respected, Not Laughed..
Confident, Not Insecure..
Obedient, Not A Sinner..
She is a Guarded Pearl..

To All my Sisters in Islam..Fulfil your Duties towards Allah..Put on your Adornment..
Hijab is your Right..your Choice..your Modesty..

Sisters..Kindly change your Display Pictures in your E-mails and Social Networks; if they represent You or any Obscenity..

I Request all of you to spend some Time in Supporting our People in France to Protest Against "Hijab Ban" by any medium you have..And let me remind you all..that DUA is the best Tool you have..

Please try to Do what ever you can to Save our Sisters..Save our UMMAH..

Jazak Allahu Khair..Please remember me and our Ummah in your DUA..

o°o AnnoNyiMouse o°o 

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